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Reviews and testimonials


Larry Letzer, Copperas Cove, TX

"Whether you would like to learn proper firearms training, just want to get more comfortable with carrying a firearm, want to take a night/low light firearms class, or you are looking for a carbine course, go see Jared Segraves at 212 Firearms. I have taken 5 courses with 212 Firearms Training! Every course I take is better than the last! Jared Segraves and his team really go the distance! Safety is always their number one priority. The courses that they offer are very reasonably priced and they always go the extra mile to give clients the best and most affordable training in Texas. They are also in constant search of world-class instructors to bring to the area! Call them to schedule your class today!"

Cera Varvaro, Austin, TX

A long-time client of mine (whose opinion I highly respect) recommended Jared to me. My client & I talked on numerous occasions about how I’d like to purchase my own gun, but I don’t know what my options are or how to properly use it. I expected I would get a better understanding of both of these when taking the class, but I got so much more!!

This is such a great course to take if you are a novice gun handler or an old pro! There were actually more people who were repeating the course (because it was so awesome!) than there were new people. And there were two city police officers taking the course with us, just because they wanted their own professional development. We spoke with them throughout the day, and they both said this one-day class is more organized, effective, and useful than the entire academy on gun training.

This class teaches you so much more than to just shoot. I highly recommend this class to ANYONE, regardless your level or expertise. You are in good hands with Jared & Dr. Soloman!! Their teaching technique is so helpful and encouraging! We’ve already decided we’re going to take this course at least once more, maybe twice more. It’s so worth it! There are also other courses offered, and we’re going to make our way through those too. We’re so happy we found this place!

Will Sneed, Lampasas PD

 I’ll begin by saying that Jared offered two courses for an unbeatable deal to a local police agency. Two officers there (myself being one of them) took 212 Firearms Training’s one day Handgun Proficiency (HG-1) course. My background with firearms goes well beyond academy-level training, and I wanted to see what Jared had to offer so that more officers might receive the opportunity to train with him as well. I went in with an open mind, but presumed that Jared was a squared away instructor based on the short conversations we’d had prior to the course.
HG-1 began at 9:00 am with an intro and safety brief. We then went over fundamental skills in a classroom setting for about an hour, and it was apparent that Jared was a natural teacher.
Range time began around 10:00 am and continued until about 5:00 pm with a working lunch at noon.
I discovered that Jared (and his assistant instructor, Kenny) were students before they became instructors. It was clear that the two of them held student learning as a common goal, and I could tell from my perspective that every attendee progressed quite a bit throughout the day. Though Jared lacks law enforcement or military experience, I count this as a positive as it shows he’s been driven to learning on his own recognizance. Please don’t misunderstand me; there is a pervasive thought that anyone in the firearms training industry should have carried a gun for a living to have any credit to what they teach. I believe that’s patently false. I would recommend that anyone slightly interested in becoming more proficient in handling and shooting handguns in particular ought to take this course. Jared is an excellent instructor and anyone going through HG-1, no matter their experience level, will be better at the end of the class than they were at the beginning. What else could you ask for? 

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