Training Schedule has been updated! Look for additional course dates soon!

Course Offerings


License To Carry (LTC)

212 Firearms offers Texas License To Carry (LTC) courses in conjunction with our Handgun Proficiency courses. See our training calendar for dates.

Course Fee: LTC and HG Proficiency I  $150 per shooter plus range fee



Handgun Proficiency (HG 1)

Our handgun proficiency courses are based in the fundamental manipulation of the handgun for defensive purposes. The curriculum is built on the mastery of fundamentals before students progressing to more dynamic use of the weapon. Call or email us for

 additional information.

Course Fee: $175 per shooter plus range fee

Round count: 400 per shooter minimum


Practical Carbine Proficiency

This comprehensive, 2 day course is based in the fundamental operation of the AR weapons platform. The course is designed for anyone who owns the AR rifle and desires a better understanding, and greater confidence, in the efficient, effective, and accurate employment of the weapon. Contact us for additional information.

Course Fee: $300 per shooter plus range fee

Round Count: 500 per day

Advanced Application


Low-light Fundamentals

In many homes today, one might find a handgun and flashlight at the bedside, but the employment of both is a skill that takes a great deal of training and practice to master. If you are interested in the pursuit of this skill, contact us today for details on our next course.

Course Fee: $300 per shooter plus range fee

Round Count: 600


2-Day Handgun Proficiency

This course combines the fundamentals block of HG1 with an additional day of advanced application. Day two focuses on the dynamic use of the gun to include movement, manipulation under stress, and basic work in and around vehicles. The curriculum is built around the shooter and their environment, not just the gun.  


Coming Soon!